Google Extracts VoIP Support for Obi

of consumers have flocked to VoIP services within the last few decade to get rid of the exorbitant regular debts charged by traditional telecom operators. Google Voice has been an excellent option پشتیبانی voip for many people, even though the company does not directly provide VoIP phone service. Nevertheless, it is possible to use it instead for normal landlines through hardware such as Obi.

Even though the Obi box is capable of working with many VoIP services, it’s best selling point is the Google Voice integration. Users can make and receive calls on their GV number once they have designed their Google30mail account on the Obi dashboard. This setup eliminates the need to have a laptop in order to make calls through Google Voice. Instead, consumers can simply plug an analog phone into the Obi box and make calls as usual.

With Google Voice and Obi, users could enjoy free calling to US and Europe as well as extremely cheap international calling. Additionally, Google Voice provided many other features such as message, call forwarding etc. Obi relied on the XMPP protocol to attach to Google servers for the Voice integration. When Google deprecated the Chat service in favor of Hangouts last year, it also announced that it would be ending support for the XMPP protocol from May 15 of this year.

After May 15, third-party apps such as Obi will not be able to get connected to Google Voice. Users who currently enjoy free calling with their GV numbers will have to look elsewhere for their calling needs. Fortunately, the Obi hardware can work with many other low-cost VoIP services although none are free. In fact, the company has already informed its users of the change by way of a post. It has also provided a list of alternative vendors for VoIP services.

VoIP vendors offer many calling plans for subscribers and they can choose to be expensed monthly, annually or even pay-as-you-go. Most of their plans also offer additional features not found in the Google Voice service such as E 911 calling and phone numbers with international area codes. Users can choose to keep their existing GV numbers and forward inward bound calls to the new service or port their number out of Google Voice permanently.

Even though Obi consumers will have to start paying for VoIP service from May, it is still relatively inexpensive when compared to the high cost of traditional landlines. Google might be ending support for third-party apps but consumers can rest assured that their existing hardware works with other VoIP services.

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